30th Anniversary Run

I am not sure you are aware or not, but the Harley-Davidson Riders Club Northern Ireland was formed 30 years ago this year. So for something positive to focus on AND to celebrate the 30th anniversary I thought “Why don’t we get a run organised?”. 

Now because of all sorts of restrictions on organising gatherings of 11 people or more, and just for the right reasons, I would like to organise a run to past HDRCNI members graves, then numbers are not limited. I believe those members who have passed, will be happy to see that they have not been forgotten.

This is not an ego trip.

This is to remember the club members who are no longer able to ride with us. This is to remember the times when we all did ride together. And this is to make some memories before we loose the next friend from our past.

This is not the time to ponder on fall outs or anything other than riding Harleys together.

If you were a past member, I would love to ride again with you. If you missed the opportunity to be a member of the club and you ride a Harley, why not join us for a Harley run?

I suggest a weekend date in May.